Questions to Ask a Marriage Counselor
5 Questions to Ask a Marriage Counselor

Marriage is not easy. It takes work, hard work, to make a marriage last. Unfortunately, tough times happen and many marriages fail. There are various reasons why a marriage might end including finances, infidelity and infertility. No matter what the reasons are that a couple might be going through a rough patch, there are ways to save a marriage. Seeking marriage advice from a marriage counselor can help a couple face the issues, talk about them and reach a compromise.

When a couple takes that step and seeks counseling, one of the first things they might ask a therapist is, “Can you save my marriage?”. The problem with that question is that the therapist does not know, not yet. Just because someone is a licensed therapist does not mean that he or she automatically knows what to do for a marriage. The following five questions can help couples find the therapist they need to help save their marriage.

1.       "What is your background in marriage counseling?" This is an essential question because not all therapists are created equally. Couples need to know what education and training a potential counselor has under his or her belt.

2.       "Have you ever recommended divorce and, if so, how often?" It is important for a couple to know if a therapist is a believer in the notion that every marriage can be saved or not.

3.       "How often will sessions be held and what are your rules for crisis situations?" A couple may feel like their marriage needs sessions two or three times a week. They need a counselor that will give them the support they need. It is also essential to know if the therapist will hold emergency sessions if a crisis happens.

4.       "How will you try to save my marriage?" Couples need to lay everything on the line. They need to give a potential therapist an overview of the issues. A therapist needs to discuss the type of therapy involved and a brief plan of action.

5.       "Will you counsel us together or individually?" Not all therapists counsel couples. Some therapists prefer focusing on each individual’s issues and trying to solve the problems one side at a time.

These five questions can help couples make an informed decision when choosing a marriage counselor. In today’s world of rising technology, online marriage counseling is increasing in popularity. While this may not be the choice for everyone, there are reputable websites available. Seeking marriage counseling online is often easier than facing a counselor in person. It also makes it more convenient to fit sessions into busy schedules.

Loving Path is a website devoted to online marriage counseling. Loving Path is a supportive place for couples or individual spouses to turn to in times of trouble. Useful resources are provided and users are encouraged to post or email their questions. Helpful advice and stories provide valuable information for any couple that faces a difficult time in their marriage. Online marriage counseling can be the first step in restoring a marriage back to its natural beauty.